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So I got home tuesday nite from my Michigan trip. It was a wonderful vacation seeing my family and friends.  All of whom I blessed with food I’d grown at the community garden.  everyone is so grateful and I’m so proud to be able to share it.  My biggest surprise on my return was that my husband and grandson had gone to the garden without my and picked some things.  The kidney beans above were on the counter, and they excitedly told me about picking them, other beans, tomatoes and such.  I was amazed!  They usually will come and help when I ask them but they don’t show the excitement shall I say that I do.  They had asked could they go while I was gone to get some things but I thought to myself they will never do it.  WRONG!!!!  It was thrilling to come home and find they’d gone and were so proud of what they had gotten and talking about how good the beans, yellow pear tomatoes and blackberries were.  Deep sigh of happiness from me.

Last nite I cooked some of the kidney beans and while they were cooking fried some burger, threw in some onions, peppers, garlic, tomatoes, leftover salsa cooked that through then just poured a box of mac and cheese in there to soak up the juices and the beans.  So it was sort of a garden goulash thing and wow was it good.

I went over to the garden for workday wednesday and heard all about the great potato harvest that was monday nite.  When I get the pics I’ll share those and stories I get about that.  Bill was tilling the potato area getting it ready for fall greens and he and I and another member probably picked up another 20lbs of potatoes.

I love reading about all of your adventures in gardening. Sue at LMU