Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program

By K.

When I got to the garden immediately I liked it.  The dew on the grass, the birds chirping, and the different colors. I gained a new appreciation for the food I eat. The love and dedication that it takes to produce this delicious food. I gardened with my great grandfather until my teens, when hormones took precedence over soil, nature and hard work. I found that I loved it–everything.  A fellow gardener asked me to help “rescue some flowers.” It was then that I saw them as living things. I appreciated that. I went on a spiritual journey the first day gardening and I look forward to going back…

Today I needed the garden much more than the garden needed me.  I needed the soil and the majestic feeling that the garden has to offer. I loved “rescuing” the flowers and clearing an overgrown path. I cleared a path within myself as well.  I harvested yesterday and each tomato I saw was even more beautiful than the one before. It is shocking to see how a seed turns into nourishment. I asked Ms. Christina if she got sad as the plants dry up because it made me sad.  She simply said “They served their purpose.” Again my mind was opened up to a new way of thinking. I look forward to something new next week.

This post is part of a series written by survivors of domestic violence who are participating in our farm stipend project.