This week we have continued to harvest things out of the garden, but we have also been out of the garden doing other things. We have visited the Assistant Living here in Laurel Co. delivering some fresh vegetables. The older people who live here love when we bring them fresh beans. Among other things. The ladies really enjoy seeing us bring them. They will group together and have a “bean breaking party.” Then the cooks fix the beans for them for dinner.2013-07-09 16.27.15

We have also been helping another lady with her flea market booth. She makes her living at selling automotive lights and accessories for your vehicle or farm wagons. This lady is a hard-working woman. She is really inspiring for some of us younger people. I hope that I am as full of life and determination as she is when I get a few years older. She is just full of laughs, even when she is stressed to the max. I have watched her this last week, as her and Wayne work to get things ready for the weekend sale at the Flea Land market here in Laurel Co. She had a few stumbles this week, but never gave up. She held her head high and just kept going. This world needs a lot more people like her in it. I’m proud to have gotten to know her and help out, with what little I did. She has taught me that even when things get tough, do not give up. In the end , it will be well worth the end result.

Next week we will be back in the kitchen. Canning and many other things. Hope to learn something new. I have no doubt that will happen. Till next time.