I am almost ashamed to write this blog entry. When we planted our tomato plants a few months ago… we did not plan ahead as well as we should have. Originally, we used stakes that were left over form last year— and they were only several feet in length. After we put the stakes in place during those few first weeks—we agreed to switch them for longer ones as the plants grew.

This was obviously a rookie mistake.

Our tomato plants completely took off – way faster than we could have ever expected or anticipated.  Before long our plants were entangled and growing wildly all over the greenhouse. While this wasn’t necessary the worst thing possible, we could have saved a few tomatoes earlier on if we had staked sooner.

So instead of allowing the continuation of tomato casualties, we decided to re-stake— in August. Last week, we dedicated two whole days to the gardens. In order to get them off the ground and provide some light to the bottom of the plant, we tried a new method of hanging strings to the ceiling and tying them up that way.  Although we did it way too late, we did manage to save dozens of tomatoes just in time. It looks great now!


Hanging tomato plants!

Hanging tomato plants!

Additionally, we weeded out the remainder of the tunnel and prepped the soil for our fall crops. We will be tackling these tomorrow, and plan to plant a variety of greens, beets and more. Pictures to follow at the end of the week!