I haven’t been on since the middle of July.  I got locked out of the blog and took me forever with the help of Candace to get back in.  We are still working on getting me re-registered to get the blogs in my mailbox again.  I seem to have the worst blogging luck.

Any way we are harvesting tomatoes, peppers, beans, potatoes, onions and blackberries.  I’m planning to order fall green seeds this week.  We got 2 different fall green mixes from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange last year which were fantastic so we will do that again.

Last week I posted several times that I would be working in the garden and asked members to come and join me.  We had a great response with at least 20 people coming to pitch in.  We got so much done.  I’m going to do it again this week.  Thanks to the rain weeds and garden plants are growing well.

Carol Brandon did two canning classes last week and I heard lotsof happy canner stories.

Mr. Junior and Mr. Bill harvested honey last week and will be handing it out to members tonight.  I’m taking the garlic harvest tonight also to hand out.  I had it drying in my garage.  I’ve saved some of each variety we planted last fall to replant this fall.  We had gotten a couple mixes of that too from SESE.

Take Care All and Happy Harvests, Sue@LMU