Green Beans BEFore CanningAfter Canning GB




For the first time this week I learned how to can Green Beans and now I will share this method with you. First after you have picked and collected your green beans, then you have to break them apart. When you break apart the green beans you should start by taking away the end tips first and then attempt to cut or snap each green bean into equal medium size pieces. Next we will start the cleansing process. After all the green beans are picked and broken into pieces, then you transfer those pieces into a bowl and soak them into warm water. then  you transfer them into another bowl. The more you soak the green beans the more lighter and overall clean they get. After the cleaning process then comes canning. The first step to canning is cleaning out each glass jar or what ever you are using to can them. Then you fill each jar with cleaned green beans right before the cap line starts. You should start some boiling water to fill each jar of green beans which will take a few minutes.  And when the  boiling water is ready fill each jar. Next you seal each jar with a cap whether it is a metal cap or plastic cap. Using a pressure cooker you should first you should fill it half way with boiling water. Then add seven sealed jars or however many your pressure cooker can hold. When your using a pressure cooker there is this a section that has what is called a vent pipe, an air regulator and automatic air vent.  When you see the automatic air vent rise up or you start to see boiling water bursting out of the vent pipe then you should put the air regulator onto the vent pipe. Keep the jars in the pressure cooker for around 25 minutes. When I canned the protocol said to let it sit for 50 minutes but since it was suggested an experienced canner to just do 25 minutes that is what we did. You are start the clock once the pressure reaches 12 psi on the measure. After the psi on the measure reaches 12, then you start the clock for 25 minutes. After the 25 minutes is over, allow the pot to sit and cool down. This should take about 15- 30 minutes or even longer. When it cools down, you are done. And this is how you can green beans.