Hello everyone, it’s been a while. We have been very busy here at LCAAHC. Through this very wet season, Our gardens are finally starting to produce. This last month we have harvested many bushels of Bell peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers. I was starting to lose hope of good production this year, but now I am getting excited! Things are looking wonderful now.

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Bell Peppers

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zucchini & Cucumbers

Our tomato’s and tomatillo’s are starting to produce as well. We’ve gotten a few pecks of each of these so far. The vines are loaded, and we will have plenty ready for harvest in the next week or so. It will be Salsa time again, with a new ingredient. The tomatillo’s are supposed  to add the best flavor to your salsa. Can’t wait to find out!

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Just yesterday we picked 6 1/2 bushels of fresh green beans. We took some over to the Assistant Living for the Elderly. These ladies love the fresh beans. They enjoy breaking and cooking them, just as much as we enjoy giving to them.

 As we speak our Berea Intern Candace, our Youth Intern Courtney, and some of our volunteers are breaking beans, so we can start a canning workshop. They are very eager to learn the canning process. I think everyone’s  going to be shocked to find out how simple canning green beans are.


Green Beans

Until next time. Bless you all, Happy Gardening!

Just got a dehydrater, It’s going to be fun learning how it works!