When most people think of a tomato, they  usually think of how it is used in food. But what many people don’t know is that tomatoes are used in the medical world for various types of medicines. Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is useful in the pigment of a tomato and is such a powerful natural antioxidant, it’s being extracted and injected into all sorts of foods today, as well as ground up and shaped into multivitamin pills. Tomatoes naturally have rich amounts of lycopene, which has also been used in tests and experiments against the production and detestation of many types of cancer cells. Tomatoes have been used in tests against cancers of the cervix, stomach, mouth, colon, and even rectal cancer. The results of the tests done using tomatoes have been positive to the point where it’s astounding, making tomatoes one of the top 100 healthiest foods in the world today.

Tomatoes have also been widely used as a natural antiseptic agent, due to its nicotinic acids. This not only has been useful in fighting off viruses and infections, but also fights against clogged arteries and even heart disease, stimulating blood flow and regulating cholesterol levels. Even now, it is known that doctors will recommend you add plenty tomato in your diet if you’re in need of a blood purifier or thinner, or need help getting rid of kidney stones or gall stones.

I even read that the use of the tomato for anti aging and skin dates back during the ancient Romans and Greeks. Tomatoes have been used to promote a healthy and shiny complexion that brings out your skin’s natural beauty. The skin of the tomato has also been known to help clean your teeth and gums, and ingesting tomatoes has long since been said to have excellent benefits for your hair, giving it a natural shine and bounce that you normally need to pay far out the butt at a salon to achieve. Not only is the tomato a great beautifying agent, but when ingested it also promotes good bone health!  This comes to show that the tomato is a very powerful fruit.