As my time here in the Grow Appalachia Program passes by, I have developed a deeper appreciation for the work that so many farmers put in to help grow the fruits and vegetables that are consumed each day. When most people walk through a grocery store and go over to the fruit and vegetable area, they more than likely don’t think about the work that goes into making sure those fruits and vegetables grow in a healthy and stable environment. I’ve had the experience to help grow the same crops people can easily pick up from the grocery store.  For instance working in the heat of the day to make sure each aisle is clear of weeds, or pruning the tomatoes so that the plant of tomatoes grow more tomatoes rather than just unnecessary useless leaves. Or even weaving the plants so that once they grow to a certain height they can grow in a comfortable and healthy way. And this is just half the work farmers put in to create a healthy habitat for crops.  So the next time that   you go to a grocery store to pick up a bag of greens, try to develop a better appreciation  for the work that is put in. This is a blog acknowledging the hard work  of all the farmers who contribute to growing the crops we consume each day.