Many people don’t know that George Washington Carver was a huge contributor to not only African American history but to the study and progress of understanding how plants grow and develop. While reading his book, as crazy as it sounds to most people, most of his discoveries were derived from his faith. He rarely even read any books when he was doing his research in his lab. Because he felt that his spiritual relationship could help him discover more about plants in general. He was fascinated in the growth and development of plants.  Because of his dedication and fascination, he has discovered many different species of vegetation. One being the peanut, giving rise to so many different products including: peanut butter, laundry soap, and even peanut derived gasoline. He was very humble with his discoveries,  despite all of the offers he had been given and the awards and his good reputation as being the doctor and healer of plants, he remained grounded. Which is very inspiring for me in this journey to discover more and more about plants and vegetation.  Until next time Folks!