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We at the LCAAHC were honored with a visit from Melinda Alcorn and Saxon Brown and the interns.I shared information about the center and our garden program.We talked about ways we could work together and maybe be of help to each other since we are so close together.I think we can be of great benefit to our program and the people of our community.

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After a short visit at the center,we decided to take a tour of some of our garden sites.Our first stop was at the new added site at 1401 Griffen St.This is the site of our first of 5 high tunnels.We will be building 4 more with the USDA Grant.We looked at the garden plot.Next stop was at the garden site behind First Baptist Church.I shared with them that this site is not only for our community garden but for people who don”t have space at home for a garden.Next stop was at a home garden site of Harold Cornett.

2013-07-03 13.24.42

Harold talked a bit about his garden and apple trees.

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Next and  last stop was a small compact but neat garden at Jr Combs. We cut some cabbage before we returned to the center for lunch that was prepared by Tony Riley while we were riding around London,Ky.I would like to thank the Rockcastle County site for taking time out to visit and share valuable information with us.