One of the most enjoyable aspects of Grow Appalachia is seeing all the hard work or participant and volunteers coming to fruition.  Almost all of the participants are brimming over with pride about how well their gardens are growing.  Everyone walked us through their garden talking about each plant.  At times, they would give us information about how they planted and how they like cooking their veggies.


When we went to see Mrs. Opal, she had family helping her with mulching her garden by using straw and newspaper. IMG_1674 She had such a wonderful variety of plants throughout her garden.  Even though her home is in the city limits, she demonstrates that you can still put out a good sized, wonderful garden.


IMG_1726Mrs. Lillie had her garden divided by an apple that had some great apples ready to be picked.   In front of the apple tree, she had her squash, radish, pepper, and tomato plants.  When we had come by she had already harvest some radishes.  Behind the apple tree she had primarily her corn and beans growing as well as some more tomato plants.  Her garden is such a wonderful picture of serenity, one could enjoy spending all day working in the garden.  Having sweet treats hanging near by helps as well.

Mrs. Brenda may not have a large garden at her home, but gives abundantly to those in need.  The rest of her garden is planted at her son’s home, who is able to help her with tending to large number of corn and potatoes she has planted.  A year ago, there was a lady who was seriously injured in a car accident.  Mrs. Brenda knew her and has since help by giving them vegetables from her garden, as well as, cooking meals for her family to help them in their time of need.

IMG_1866Mr. Gayther has possible one of the best gardens in the program.  It doesn’t hurt that he has a plethora of individuals who can help tend and harvest everyday.  He over sees the garden at the Scott County Justice Center.  The garden provides a wonderful opportunity for trustees (individuals who have proven themselves to work outside of the jail) to rehabilitate back into society during their time spent at the Justice Center.  This year he has planted rattlesnake beans.  Until this year, I had not heard of them, but according to Mr. Gayther, they are some of the best beans you can eat.  As he walked us through the garden, he knew every plant and it’s variety without even needing to look at the stakes.  For a larger garden, that’s impressive.  This is another example of a garden that you could spend all day in working.  He told us that he planted a patch of pumpkins in the center of his silver queen corn.  Of course by this point, we weren’t able to tell unless you walked through corn.