This week, we have had the largest group of volunteers that we have yet to have!! (which is why I slacked a little on the blogging last week…) There are currently a total of 70 volunteers In Williamson,  and in only three days they have helped make vast improvements to  our community garden and have moved us closer to our ultimate goal and vision.

For our first day of hosting the 70 volunteers at our community garden, we worked very very hard to give them a taste of central appalachia by throwing a pig roast. Being that it was the first full day they were here, we made sure there was plenty of bluegrass, pig and fresh grilled veggies from the farmers market for the 90 plus people that were there!!

The pig was purchased from a local farm, as well as the veggies. In addition to the food, we had two live bands, and during the intermission, musicians from the service group got up and played!

pigroast3 pigroaast pigroast2

After everyone began eating, and after three locals bands perform, and afterwards,  we had the pleasure to host Tai Chi Master Rick Ward in town, who led a Tai Chi demonstration!!! Nearly everyone got up and participated.

As always, it was amazing  to see such a diverse group of people. As if the 70 volunteers were not enough, also in attendance was the Mayor, Williamson Redevelopment Authority board members including Dr. Donovan Beckett and Attorney at Law Anne Lambright,  many of the low-income garden plot owners who walked over from Williamson towers, farmers and many others who had simply heard word of mouth.

The only thing that I  was slightly worried about that we would run out of food– but fortunately  everything lasted and everyone was happy.

More to come on the progress of these 70 volunteers later in the week!!!I n store is a pool party, fireworks, and of course many many hours of service!