The LCAAHC members have been busy weeding and watching their crops grow. But as the crops grow we encountered some issues. Earlier today Mr. Wayne and Ms. Salena checked the tomato plants and noticed a huge problem with our tomato plants. There were huge black spots at the bottom of some of tomatoes (Most of the tomatoes with this problem were underdeveloped). They were unsure what it was or what had caused the black spots so they took a picture and sent it to Mr. Cooke. Unfortunately, Mr. Cooke informed us that we had Blossom End Rot Tomatoes.




Blossom end rot on a tomato is caused by lack of calcium to the tomato plants and Mr. Cooke recommended removing all the blossom end rot tomatoes immediately. After all the bad tomatoes were removed, we treated the tomato plant area by removing weeds with a tiller and around the plants with a hoe. Then we added fertilizer with calcium so that the plants would have calcium. Lastly, we added some newspapers around the plants so it would lock in the calcium and prevent weeds temporarily. This was a huge surprise for us and I hope that we will not have to deal with blossom end rot tomatoes anymore.