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Part of my job here at LCAAHC is to feed the animals. I feed pigs, the donkey, chickens, and rabbits.

Today I’m going to tell you about the chickens. Here at the LCAAHC we have 25 chickens. The chickens are in a variety of colors such as white, black, brown, and red.

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The LCAAHC has a few hens that are called Easter hens. They lay other colors than white/brown. They lay Pink, Green and blue. It isn’t a Bright blue, pink, or green. They are a light  color.


  We have 16 boxes for the chickens to lay the eggs. The boxes are 10 by 10 they are hay in them. They have a fence to go outside and they have a roost.

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We feed the chickens “laying mash.” In the feeders and we have like Waterer for water.

Once when I went to feed them I seen one lay an egg and it was weird they stand up and flair their fathers and they drop the egg. And another Experience I have with the chickens is when me and my sister had to catch one it was fun. You need to sneak up on them and grab one and if they run grab the tail and then you  grab the wings.