1980-04-21 16.39.44

It been a busy week mostly it seems like weeding potatoes.  It seemed like so recently they were weeded pretty good, but then rain and rain and rain and suddenly it’s a field of weeds.  Thanks to several people it’s looking mostly like a potato field again.  It’s lovely to work with a group and chat while you weed.  These girls Morgan, Lily and Mary spent a lot of time here this week.  Morgan even on her birthday.  I found that Morgan is an expert at pulling smart weed, Mary an expert Micro weeder and Lily – I think she might have had the most fun with the scuffle hoe.  The below pic is of the girls mom’s tubs of tomatoes and beans.  Everything is growing like weeds.  This week we also weeded out some unused raised beds and planted our sweet potato slips, tomato’s and peppers in them.  Bill and Debbie planted a few more rows of corn and Bill’s beloved hay bales.  Chuck and Jackie finished weaving the tomatoes.  Michelle, Janice, Marcy, Bonnie, Halie, Sadie, Gerry and Leif all helped during the week too.  Michelle and I got rained out of the garden friday night but were rewarded with a rainbow before the rain hit.  Last night we were rewarded with the Super MOON! Wow was it gorgeous.

1980-04-21 16.41.08