Weeding throughout your gardening experience can be considered to some as one of  the most frustrating processes. But it is one of the most important parts of gardening. The process of weeding is important because it helps to reduce the plants from being smothered to death with useless invading plants. And overall it provides the best environment for the developing fruit baring plant. There are numerous tools and techniques used to take out weeds in a garden. One of the tools that I am most familiar with is the Scuffle Weeding Hoe. The end of the tool is shaped like a 2-dimensional trapezoid. If you were to hold the tool to where the bottom looks like a vertical trapezoid, it would make the process of weeding some much easier. I learned this the hard way, but the most important thing is that I caught on quickly and weeding became easier when I started using the  end vertically. If you wanted to make things easier, you could just carefully till your garden using a tiller that is best suited for the garden. This makes the process of weeding even more easier. Being that the machine does all the work, but however with using weeding tools, most of the energy is coming from the person who is using the weeding tool. Despite the headache it may bring, Weeding is crucial for a successful garden.