For the first time in my life I made salsa. How exciting is that. First we put on some boiling water. Then using approximately six ROMA tomatoes at a time place them in the water for about 3-5 minutes. You will notice if they are ready by watching to see if the skin of each tomato is pinched together. This makes the skin easier to peel off. After the tomatoes are done boiling you immediately place them in a cool bowl of water. From the cool bowl of water, you then take them and take off the skin. After skinning them you remove the pit and collect them into a separate bowl. From the bowl you then put the skinless and pittless tomatoes through the food processor.  Depending how long you processed the tomatoes you can make chunky or saucy salsa.  After the tomatoes go through the processor, you pour it into a stove top pot, and then add salsa packet seasoning (mix well). Cook the mixed salsa on the stove top till it boils (stir occasionally). Next is the canning process.  The first step in the canning process is to collect and clean any glass or plastic jar that you want to use to store your salsa. Then after the salsa cools, you use a cooking spoon and scoop and carefully transfer the salsa from the pot to the jar.  After all the salsa is put into the jars, seal them with the cap tightly and then prepare another pot of boiling water. For forty five minutes let each salsa filled jar sit under boiled water. After the jars have sat in boiling water for forty five minutes, let them cool down. When the jars have cooled down labeled each cap with the day’s date and whether it’s hot or mild.  And this is how you make salsa. This is definitely something I will take with me back to the city.