We had our meeting last night and someone brought up what a great mulch shredded paper is. One of our members Pat works at LMU and we asked if she would ask if they could bring us their shredded paper. She put out the email to them bright and early this morning. When I got there with my grandson and his friend to haul leaves to the tomatoes and peppers to mulch with there were 12 big bags of shredded paper. WOW!!!!! We got right on it. I took 6 bags down and spread in between the rows and plants pretty thick then put a lightish layer of leaves on top to help hold it. The leaves go a lot farther that way too and they are not easy to haul up the hill. So thats really great. I can’t wait to see how it works.

The beans, cukes, zuchinni’s, and okra we planted last wednesday were already up on monday. I’ve never seen any of them come up so fast esp. the okra. We’ve had lots of rain though and it’s been hot.

Before I left last night I weeded 2 raised beds and put sweet potato slips in them. It rained again last night, but it was blistering hot today and they look pretty fried tonight hopefully they will come along though. We’ll see.

We are all hoping and praying it doesn’t rain from 3pm – dark tomorrow so that we can have a good workday. The weeds are of course growing like crazy.