Hello everyone, a lot of you know that we have a small farm here at LCAAHC. Through the midst of all the rain and cool weather, we had a new litter of piglets. They were unexpected, I went out to feed a few Sundays ago after church, and found a barn full of baby pigs!  12 of them. Needless to say, I was in awh. They are so cute when they’re tiny.


They are 1 week old here.


At this size they are fun to watch and play with, but it doesn’t last long. They grow so fast, in no time they are bigger and sleep less. By the time they are 4 weeks old the baby pigs are weened, and eating feed. At this time we move the momma pig out, so they will stop nursing, and she can stop producing milk, and start healing.


Ear piercing time.


At 6 weeks old we put number tags in their ears. This is so we can keep track of them, and so we will know one from the other. This litter had 3 boys and 9 girls.



Here is the yucky part of piercing the pigs ears. We have to get in the lot with them, catch them one at a time. While they are squealing and kicking. It is dirty and nasty, but kinda fun.


Our interns had mixed thoughts about this. but overall I’m sure they will never forget coming to London, KY. Both of them are city girls, and have never been exposed to this much country living. They got to meet all the animals. Pigs, Chickens, Rabbits, and our Donkey. I really enjoy watching all their expressions, and questions about farming and gardening. I do believe they are going to take a lot of knowledge home with them at the end of the summer.