Hello everyone,  it has been quite an experience during my time here in London, Kentucky.  One of our first task with gardening was to plant several rows of  Ozark Pink tomatoes, Oxheart tomatoes and both red & green peppers. I learned that before you plant the plant into the dirt that first if you should a planter you can use it to make a hole. Make sure that when you make the next hole for the next plant that they are 2 feet apart. Before we could place the plant into the hole we had to place a small amount of fertilizer into each hole. In our garden we used organic chicken dung. Although the smell was intense, I got used to it after a while. After we put fertilizer down, we placed each individual plant in the designated holes. After the plants were planted we poured water around the plant, I was told not to water the leaves. It is suggested to pour water in the hole before planting each plant. Then finally we had to cover the roots of the plants and bury them with dirt.

My second gardening experience during my first week last Saturday was by far the longest and most productive. We planted more than 30 rows of plants which included red onions, white onions, yellow onions, red & green peppers both hot and sweet, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, several species of tomatoes including some yellow tomatoes,   several species of beans and one gardener even planted a colonies of cabbage.

This experience has been everything that I expected, with the combination of both hot and sunny weather while gardening. Though some times it an be overwhelming, I have been introduced to so much about gardening that I did not know before. There is still more to learn. So until next time.!!!!!