We had our 1st plant sale this past Saturday. We had from heavy to light rain through the whole sale, bad luck. In spite of it we sold $400 worth of plants. Bill, Debbie, Bonnie, The Bond family and I enjoyed talking to people as they came along to pick out plants. I think our members have gotten what they need for their raised beds and home beds. We still have an awful lot of plants left and have given some to needy folks in the area. Unfortunately the weather has not been kind to help us plant them in the big gardens and the tractor is broken down too. We are praying for the tractor to get repaired, things to dry out and lots of members to help plant. The potatoes are growing like wildfire, many are over a foot tall. Today in spite of torrential rain last night I planted tomatoes and peppers in 2 raised beds I’d prepared. There’s a lot of composted hay and leaves in them so they weren’t too bad. I planted our Abe Lincoln tomatoes in a front bed so it will be on display to people who come to see the Organic garden at Lincoln Memorial University. Sue @ LMU