Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

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Lisa and Kathy trudging through the mud to take plants to participants’ cars

The original plan was to give them out on Tuesday; however, with the wild and raging tempest that blew in late that afternoon, we had to move the distribution to Wednesday.  Even though the rain on Wednesday was a bit more sedated, participants hurriedly gathered all their plants with the assistance of volunteers.

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Kathy giving planting advice to a participant

This week gardeners were given tomato, pepper, and herb plants for their gardens.  There was quite a variety of plants for the gardeners to grow this year.  Even though they got what plants they had requested, participants were also given plants such as Cherokee Purple and Brandywine tomatoes to experience growing a new variety that they have not grown before.  Since Cherokee Purple and Brandywine are heirloom tomatoes, participants will be able learn how to save the seeds from these plants fortheir gardens next year and share with other gardening buddies.


Summer Internship

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Our summer intern, Jalissa Hunter recently graduated from Berea College with a degree in Biology. Her future goals are to become a doctor of Tropical Medicine and Holistic Medicine. With the support of Berea College’s Entrepreneurship for the Public Good (EPG) and Grow Appalachia, Jalissa will gain the experience of constructing and maintaining a medicinal garden; in order to gain the appropriate tools to create this garden, she will establish a relationship with the locals and create a digital story of traditional recipes that can be transferred to the next generation of gardeners. By compiling a list of these individuals and their stories, she will maintain a database that can be used by the Center after the completion of her internship. Another project that she will tackle is hosting weekly public health related sessions for the residents of Scott County based on her observations in the Free Medical Clinic. During the course of the summer, she will also utilize the techniques exemplified in the Lean LaunchPad model to innovate the business model of Scott Christian Care Center.