Candace C Howdy Grow Appalachia!!! Hello my name is Candace Clark I am a Junior Biology major currently attending Berea College in Berea,KY. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. Coming to Laurel County was not much different than the city of Berea, KY. It took a little getting use to because I was not raised in the a small country town. I was raised where the baseball field was a few neiborhoods away and where gas stations and candy stores and grocery markets filled the towns. A city where the population was majority black and the neighborhoods were people spoke with what seem like no accent at all with mostly middle class. That was all I was familiar with. Initially I thought that the people of the Appalachia that I have visited which includes Berea,KY and London, KY weren’t similar to me and my city in any way,the accents, the choices of style, the stores. I thought I would be in the deep country where technology and department stores did’nt exists, a place where people were still in medieval times.  But I have came to realize that they are similar in a deeper way. Even though there style may be different their morals and principles are shared in the same way as the people in communities where i grew up. We are so much similiar than I thought.

It has been such a wonderful experience thus far with this internship.I have been given a generous opportunity to get to know the appalachian people of Laurel County. They have encouraged me and guided, me through the  whole process of planting and the overall significance of planting. When I first arrived to the cite, the staff here at the Laurel County African American Heritage Center have been nothing less than welcoming to me. They were curious about me and my interest which made me more eager and determined to know them and there unique land. With just the short amount of time of me being here I have gained a valuable amount of wisdom from the people here. I hope to continue to learn about the process of gardening as well as how to sucessfully plant each specific crop such as various species of tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes  and the environments necessary for them to grow properly. I also hope to accomplish planting a healthy rich and edible garden. Thats all for now until next time. CHOW!!!!!!!!!