Hello all!

My name is Jamal Edwards and I am a Duke student focusing on medical humanities and health studies.  Although I attend school at Duke University in North Carolina, I am in fact a California native. I would like to introduce myself as the newest Robertson Scholar Cowan Community Center intern for the Grow Appalachia project. It has been a true joy to get to know the Cowan Community Staff and understand their efforts to build community through the Grow Appalachia Project.

Although I am new to the project, my first adventure occurred on Tuesday May 13th 2013 when staff members David Fisher and Addison Whitaker came together to build 4×4 garden beds for a local Child Care garden. We hit the ground running with planks of wood, tools, and safety glasses.


David Fisher preparing wooden planks for garden bed assembly.

David Fisher preparing wooden planks for garden bed assembly.

David Fisher, who is an expert construction and road worker, led our efforts and ensured products of success. Addison and I learned so much from his guidance and patience. We not only built garden beds but also a team. I am so proud of our work.

Garden bed final product

To start the day with basic materials and by the end of the day with garden beds that would benefit the youth of the Cowan community was too inspiring for words. Stay tuned for Thursday’s expedition to deliver the garden beds and begin the youth gardening segment of the Grow Appalachi Project.

Signing off,

Jamal Edwards