Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program
By B.

The rest of the healing garden is planted and mulched it really looks fantastic. We got some more of the raspberrys and blackberrys transplanted to sell. I planted more flowers in the hoop house today hopefully these will do good the last ones didn’t some came up some didn’t. We have weeded a lot in the past week and a half. I put some more string up for the peas and repaired some that was broken. I cant wait to see the butterfly garden as it grows and hope it attracts a lot of butterfly. Have seen a lot of ladybugs lately. It shouldn’t be long and we will be eating stuff from the garden so far all we have eaten from is carrots and arugula. We are going to finish the front next week and get it mulched. Their is still a lot to do I cant wait to see the end result. (2013 April 30)

This post is part of a series written by survivors of domestic violence who are participating in our farm stipend project.