Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program
By M.R.

I have had the opportunity to alleviate some of my stress and anxiety that is connected with domestic violence by participating in a garden program on this beautiful farm. The warmth and compassion in the garden program BDVP supervisors has added to the effectiveness of the program. I believe in what the BDVP is trying to achieve here.  All of the women on the garden crew led by the two supervisors have worked side-by-side planting, weeding, watering, and healing together.

I truly enjoyed working this week on the bee hives. It was a hobby that I had considered trying in addition to my other love, horses. Bees would be a hobby to income type skill like writing product ideas so this was especially interesting as well as healing.  I loved learning from Jessica, who is a multi-talented supervisor with great knowledge on bee hives.  She not only made it fun with her winning personality, but also her wisdom on this fun trade made it one experience that I know I will cherish and use in the future.  (April 2013)

This post is part of a series written by survivors of domestic violence who are participating in our farm stipend project.