We got a lot of rain in a very short time about a month ago and had a lot of flooding. Rick and Tina’s garden is in Clay County and the road they live on made the news regarding flooding issues.


We were hoping that it didn’t get up to our garden, which doesn’t happen often. But it did and covered our two rows of peas that were looking so good.


They stayed under water for about 1 1/2 hours so were hoping they can pull through it.

They also lost a lot of their garden topsoil, it just flowed away with the current. IMG_3958

It was too wet to check on the peas today up close but from a distance they still look pretty good. It took several days for the garden to dry out.

These are our peas yesterday and although it definately stunted their growth, they are looking good. They just started blooming yesterday.


Just for comparison, I looked up last years pictures of our peas and we were eating them on 5-21-12. Better late than never I guess.