It’s been a fairly quiet week for most here at LMU. It’s been too wet and cold to do much in the gardens. We had hoped to start planting corn and beans at Wednesday workday but the weather stopped that. Mr. Bill was able to get a lot of mowing and weedwhacking done before the driving rain literally drove him off the plots wednesday. I wish I had a pic of that to show you. My grandson and I were safe and dry in the greenhouse though repotting and making plant labels for all our tomatoes, peppers, herbs and eggplants for our 1st plant sale saturday. Later we were joined by Bonnie and her daughters and we sure got a lot done that nite cozy in our warm greenhouse working like busy bees. We’ve got a little transplanting yet to do and a few more labels. Saturday my grandson and I went over to water the plants and were enchanted by seeing a Blue Grosbeak. Wow what a gorgeous bird and he sang for us too. Our very 1st. Well hopefully we will get to start planting corn and beans this week and have a great plant sale saturday. Oh and our potatoes are up and growing. It’s so exciting. Saturday I gave a luncheon for some friends because of their son’s graduation from DCOM and was proud to serve fresh picked Asparagus from the organic garden and Salsa and Salsa verde I’d made last summer from the garden. They were very impressed with getting to enjoy our organic produce. Sue from LMU