Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program
By B.

I watered the plants down there behind the barn. They looked really good and healthy. We moved around the front garden and got the rest of the shrubs planted.  They are all even and centered.  We took small pots and put green and red basil in them with one plant for each pot and the snapdragons we put three to a pot and watered them really good.

All of the trees are blooming out beautifully.  We have had a lot of rain for the past couple of days. There are flowers coming up out front where the rose bushes are.  The garlic has really come up in the past few weeks.  We still have to weed the strawberries and plant them between the fruit trees in the garden.  They planted more blackberry brambles in the garden.  We are going to finish all of the bee stuff soon to get them going.

The hoop houses are looking really good and we have been watering them about every other day.  We lost all of our vegetables on one side of the first hoop house because snow got in there so it was tilled back up and flowers put back in their place.

Christina [staff] started a new compost pile for the garden.  She has the other one covered up to start breaking down.  I watered the hoop houses today.  We won’t do that again until Monday. I mixed cayenne pepper in the water again today and watered some of the vegetables because the critters are munching on them again.  They planted more fruit trees today along the nut trees. I weeded a row of the blackberries today and we are going to mulch them before the weeds grow back.  Another person weeded the fruit trees that were already planted.

The vegetables in the hoop house are really growing.  Some are ready to be eaten.  It won’t be long and we will be able to eat stuff from the community garden. I am looking forward to that.  (18 April 2013)

This post is part of a series written by survivors of domestic violence who are participating in our farm stipend project.