Grow Appalachia is creating a rich network of resources for all Grow Appalachia partners.   We at the Cowan Community Center were happy to welcome Dr. David Ditsch, Director of Robinson Center for Appalachian Resource Sustainability on Tuesday, April 23rd.  Our group was smaller than usual as this is a busy time of year for a weeknight activity.   Nonetheless, our group was happy to be there and we  met outside early for an ice cream cone by the swings and got to be entertained by our youngest gardener.   David met with a group of our participants who still had time for garden planning.    David reviewed the basics of garden planning with the group and answered individual questions.    The group was given the opportunity to plan their own garden with expert help on site.    Gardens ranged from a 3×8 raised bed to a couple acres.   Our group is very diverse in gardening habits, but most any who have talked with our group agree they are a knowledgeable group.   David was able to look at a few individual soil samples and share with participants exactly how to interpret the results of their soil sample.    When we have our meetings, I’m always inspired by something  that happens.   At this meeting, it was as simple as neighbor meeting neighbor.    Sylvia, not from this area but now living in the Cowan Community and eager to become a part of the community garden met her neighbor Pat.    I doubt their paths would have crossed without this connection although their gardens nearly adjoin.   Special thanks to David Ditsch for making the trip to Letcher County and sharing his knowledge.   I was happy to be able to thank him with an autographed copy of Bill Best’s new book, Saving Seeds and Preserving Taste.