photo-3 photo-4 photo-5 photoFellow Gardeners, First I apologize for sideways pictures.  Bill took them on his phone and my computer won’t let me rotate them.  Oh Well, at least you can see our workday wednesday planting potatoes.  We planted 21 rows of Kennebec white, pontiac red and yukon gold.  We had a great turnout of helpers.  It was 85 degrees whew.  But we got it done with a lot of great shared time.  We had members there from age ?5ish-80ish which just makes my heart go pitter pat to see the ages working together.  Although I’m accused of being a bit bossy I gather.  Sorry.  The last picture of Bill is in our new cart he and I put together before the troops got there to work. We got it at Tractor supply wed. for $99.99.  Wow is it great!!!!!  Holds up to 1400lbs.  I love it!!!  We hauled potatoes from the building to the garden and then used it to haul some “black gold” composted leaves to enrich our tub planters.  What a good day! I’m really proud of all the people who turned out to help.  Sue