Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program
By B.

This post is part of a series written by survivors of domestic violence who are participating in our farm stipend project.

We got the beds ready for the peas. We fertilized them, put newspaper over them before we put down the hay for extra fertilization, and then we planted the peas. The berries are already starting to grow shoots so it shouldn’t be long now.  For the past 2 days, we have been putting the bee boxes together.  We are going to put the frames together next week.  I really have enjoyed all of the work so far because a product is going to come out of it and be able to share it with other people and maybe teach them some things about the work.  The carrots we harvested turned out awesome.  We had them with roast last night.  I am just glad to see something from the garden end up on the table.  They are extremely good for the kids and maybe it will teach them how to eat right and maybe grow up to grow their own.  Doing this work is teaching me a lot of very good things.  I know when I get my own place that I am going to start a garden. (7 March 2013)