It’s been snowing for several days.  Unusual for this time of year here at Big Ugly.  But I can feel the life in the earth stirring.  Kinda like new baby smell.  Very familiar, but very faint. Not perfume-y, but alive and fertile.

In the snow yesterday we had our first community meeting of the new season.  Some of the old people were afraid to come out in the weather, but the turnout was good.  Some members were sharing what they learned last season, others were listening.  There was a quiet sense of anticipation that was felt throughout the room.  We all left with something to start with–Hope in a seed packet!

We handed out some of the early spring necessities: Organic fertilizer, compost, seed potatoes, ramp seeds (a regional favorite!), spinach, radishes, lettuce, and cabbage plants.

Spring seeds


We are working to rehabilitate the old greenhouse at Big Ugly Community Center.  If you look closely you can see our 2013 Brandywine tomato seedlings springing up.


daphne gooding