Spring is officially here, but the winters cold just won’t go away.  We have seeds and plants ready to go in the ground. Mother Nature is not cooperating. It’s not just us, I’m sure that all of you are experiencing the same problem.  We have our heirloom Corn, and bean seeds, and patiently waiting on warmer weather so we can start planting.


Old Fashion White Cornfield Corn:

~Boone Co. Ky~

Little & Speckled Greasy Beans,

 Turkey Craw Beans,: ~Harlem Co. KY~

Golden Stick Beans:

~Fortress Co. TN~

We purchased these from a local man here in Laurel Co. who has been collecting heirloom seeds for as long as he can remember. He buys, sales, and trades seeds. As he gets new ones he will plant them just for the seeds, so that he will have some for sell the next year. He had hoped that his children would carry one the tradition, since he is getting up in years. Sadly they are not as interested in this hobby as their dad. Our plan is to try to get some of our participant’s to grow and save them, so this tradition can continue.


This pot is in our front yard here at the LCAAHC. We planted the rosemary last year, it has grown very well, and has the sweetest aroma. We get complimented all the time on this pot, and our raised beds, over to the side of our building.


These have;

Brussel Sprouts,

Bravo Cabbage, &

Pac-Man broccoli

in them.

We hope that this cold spell we are having right now doesn’t hurt them. These plants like the cooler weather anyway. Covering them at night for a couple of nights will protect them. Last year was our first year for these beds too. We got lots of compliments on them as well.


“Victoria” Rhubarb

This is something new for us. We like new things though, so we will let you know how our experience with it works out.


Candy, & Walla-Walla Onions

This is new to us also. We will update you on how everything goes, a little bit later on.

Happy Growing

Good Luck & God Bless