Just wanted to let every one know about our great news here at LCAAHC.  We are excited, and blessed to be approved for a high-tunnel grant by the NRCS. in Laurel County.  This high-tunnel will be located on the newest addition to our site at the corner of 14th St. and Griffin St. London, KY.  The size of our high-tunnel will be 30×72 ft.


Our plan is to have some of our participants help work the high tunnel. They will be assigned sections to plant what they would like, and maintain it.  Our goal is to extend the growing season, and reduce the disease that might occur in regular outside growing. With the high tunnel, we will be able to harvest earlier and later in the year. Which will improve our program, and feed more people in our community.


Our high tunnel will look similar to this one. their will be a variety of vegetables grown in it. Such as: Tomatoes, Green Beans, Peppers, Cabbage, Squash, Kale, Lettuce, as well as many other veggies…… You get the idea.  🙂


After it is up and ready for growing. The ground inside gets tilled. We will figure out what irrigation system to use, so that our plants will have water. Then the plants will start going in the ground. We hope for a happy, and healthy growing season inside the high tunnel, as well as our regular outside gardens. We wish everyone a great season. Have fun, work hard, enjoy your vegetables, Can’t wait till we all get together, and trade our growing stories.