Sister KC here and I’d like to share a surprise I got today while working in the raised beds at the monastery. By now we all know about how important it is to plan your garden. It is how we know what to order as project managers and it is the best way to have a healthy garden as a gardener. This year I asked everyone to give me a drawing of their garden last year and what they were planning for this year for those two great reasons.

At our home garden at the monastery we are still in the discussion mode of who is going to be responsible for what this year so our plan is unfinished. I have snow peas, two types of lettuce and chard in one of the beds I am responsible for tending and was preparing another for onions today. This is a picture of the bed where I plan on putting the onions. You can see my pea/lettuce bed in the background in front of the chicken cage.


 The green stuff is some sort of greens that I couldn’t remember what it was and it looked pretty ragged so I was pulling it up when to my surprise..turnips. I vaguely remember planting turnips, beets and something else last fall for the greens but I had used old seed that had been donated and I didn’t think much had come of it.

Well as you can see, something did come of it and if I had paid attention to myself when I talked about garden plan last year I might have had larger more beautiful turnips. As it is I am looking forward to serving these babies this week when it is my turn to cook supper.


The moral of the story is: Make a plan, for all seasons in your garden. And for all of you St. Vincent Mission families, do as I say, not as I do…and now that I’ve told on myself, I will be sure to do the same.