Wow! We had a full house at our Grow Appalachia meeting last night at the Cowan Community Center. Our group had dedicated members from last year and an equal number of new folks eager to learn more about Grow Appalachia and how to become involved. As continues to be the beauty of Grow Appalachia, I am inspired by the energy that comes from these gatherings. We had guests not only from Letcher County, but neighboring counties as well and a mother and 3 children from Virginia, just looking for encouragement and advice. I believe there is a way for any who want to be involved to join our group and hope they all find some benefit for themselves and others as well. I was so proud to share the story of John Paul DeJoria and be certain all know the background of Grow Appalachia and a respect for the commitment and understanding of the mission of Grow Appalachia. Many of our participants could be successful gardeners w/out the tangible contributions from our program, however, our goal is for all to feel an ownership in the Grow Appalachia program and be proud to be a part of a program that benefits so many. Ideas shared were the benefits for and expectations of GA participants, commitment for members becoming providers for a farmer’s market, possibility for high tunnels and dreams of more. Our group varied from a single girl wanting a raised bed on a reclaimed mining surface to a father and son looking for help in beginning large scale production for resale. Our meeting lasted over two hours with a few activities and much discussion. In closing, folks were invited to graze at our snack table and take their time. Groups formed and talks and plans continued. With families as busy are they are now, it was so encouraging to see so many interested and wanting to be involved in healthy gardening. Some there also learned about activities happening at the Cowan Community Center and want to become involved in those activities as well. Members of the Community Center were surprised and so pleased to see our beautiful building being utilized and full of so much positive energy. Thank you again John Paul, David and Grow Appalachia for this opportunity.