Hi all this is Sue from LMU.  Just wanted to share that I went over to the community garden last week to see if our greens had survived the low teens a couple of days before.  The first thing was as I was passing the Brussels Sprouts rows (which hadn’t really produced anything yet) I decided to peek under the big green leaves which appeared unbothered by the freezes, and low and behold there were beautiful brussels sprouts.  I couldn’t believe it.  So I harvested 4 plants worth.  They are fabulous!!!!  Next I checked the cabbages which except for the outer leaves were great too.  On to the Kale and Collard rows which were fine too.  Before leaving I pulled a few turnips.  So I trudged back to my van with as much produce as my freezing hands could hold and carry.  What a joy!!!!  I shared some of my goodies with a friend from church.   Friday I made a big pot of Turkey Sausage, cabbage stew enhanced by dried beans from the garden and stewed tomatoes from the garden preserved last summer.  I’m one happy gardener.  I also surprised my mom and sister last week in Michigan by mailing a box of greens to them.

So in closing neither snow, nor sleet, nor rain, nor freezing teens can stop this garden from producing!