What can we do in the garden in January?  Even though it might seem like there is nothing to do since it’s so cold outside, there are many things we can be doing to prepare for our garden, including:


  • Start planning your garden by drawing a map of your garden.  Rework where things were planted last year that might need to be moved to a better location.  Also use crop rotation.  Don’t plant things in the same place year after year.  



  • Start looking through all those seed catalogs that are flooding your mail box.


  • Choose to grow something new that you have never grown  before. 

  •  Take a Garden Class. 
  • Clean all your garden tools using a five gallon bucket filled half full with sand then mix some motor oil.  Keep this on hand all year.  After using your tools make a habit of running them through the sand mix to clean the soil off the tool. Use linseed oil on your wooden handles. Dip a cloth in the linseed oil and rub the wooden handles well. If the handles have been neglected for awhile, it may need several coats of linseed oil. 


  • Build a cold frame. so that you can get your seeds started early. 



  • Now is a good time to get your tiller, lawn mower, weed eater tuned up and ready for the upcoming year. 
  • Turn compost. If you don’t have a compost area, now would be a great time to create one.

  •  Take inventory of your canning jars; inspect them carefully to make sure there are no chips on the rims. Throw out any damaged ones. Your rings can be used year after year. Toss any that may be rusted.