We are expanding!

Getting ready for the garden season!


 High Tunnels!

As you can see below, some of our materials are coming from an old green house.

Wayne Riley, our coordinator got these last year.

He said, “we would be able to use them for something.” Sure enough, they will be great for our

Garden program!


The Laurel Co. African American Heritage Center, Grow Appalachia Project is growing.

With hopeful thoughts, and hard work from our participant’s, we will go far.


The ground you are seeing is the layout plan for our high tunnel.

Within the next month or two we hope to have one up, and ready for our gardener’s to go to work.


WOW! 🙂

Couldn’t believe my eyes.

A sure sign that growing has begun this year.

Get ready gardener’s it won’t be long now!