Delicata Squash French Fries–one gardener in particular really wants to grow this again; it was her first time growing and eating this squash.


Heather here.


This was a wonderful week.


Inchellium Red ~ Softneck Garlic

Xian Asiatic ~ Softneck Garlic, does scape

Blossom Turban ~ Softneck Garlic, does scape

Chesnok Red ~ Hardneck Garlic, scapes

Italian Softneck Artichoke ~ Softneck Garlic

Elephant Garlic



Our core group of participants  came to our Garlic Workshop on the 1st of the month. We went through the list, vegetable by vegetable, of all the crops we grew this year:

What grew what tasted good and what in the heck are we going to grow next year?


Never would I have thought Denise Peterson and I would be having to hush down so passionate a group of people as we sat in the corner of the Abingdon Ecumenical Faith in Action Food Pantry.


Long-story short: Garlic lessons on the sub-varieties of this papery plant and 50 cloves per garden—increasing opportunity for creation of heritage garlic(s).


Growing food, flowers, future–