Heather here.

We’ve been saving seed and studying flower drying around these parts. Celosia is dropping seeds like mad. We’ve also been doing a lot of work on our project model/plan/toolkit. It really is a lot to think about.

Look at that little idea!

Our last three workshops of the season will be:

Cover Crops and Talking About Next Year

We hope to have a good lesson on putting your garden to bed for the year and also want to evaluate this season with participants and find out who wants to participate next year. This will influence our recruiting for next season, which we hope to begin in October.

Garlic Planting

We’ll be planting a softneck and a hardneck variety. We’ll have to make sure participants leave one chunk of their gardens free of cover crop for garlic. I’m excited to plant a crop that I can just let do it’s thing over winter. We hope that people will continue to save their garlic over the years.

Dried Flower Wreathe-Making

There is a surprising amount of money to be made with cut flowers and dried flower arrangements. Plus we’d like to talk more about the importance of flowers in the garden and all their different properties. Drying flowers properly and saving seed will also be discussed.

Fasciation– The spreading of the apical meristem, or growing tip, in a perpendicular direction. Results in cresting and gives cockscomb that intriguing shape. 

Until next time.