One of our first time gardeners, Clay, is jumping through hoops to grow as many vegetables as possible.  Clay grew up in Pocahontas County, WV, graduated from college, lived in Korea, and has moved back with a plan to coax food out of his home soil all year long. 
He hosted an old-fashioned barn-raising this weekend, with a new twist.  His friends and neighbors came out to put up the skeleton for a hoop style high-tunnel.  Inspired by Eliot Coleman’s The Winter Harvest Handbook, and his parents’ successful homesteading ways, Clay (on the yellow ladder) intends to grow greens during our Zone 4 winter.   And, he intends to do it without electricity on his site.  This summer, he built a rain collection system for the roof of a nearby barn for the high tunnel. 
Having fresh greens in the winter is a big deal for people in the Hillsboro area as the nearest grocery stores are a long, twisty drive away.   He hopes to market his produce to area restaurants and families.