Heather here–

Feeling pretty visually inclined today. Tony, one of our gardeners, was kind enough to share his pictures with me of his family’s gardening adventures. They really make me happy because that’s what the program is all about–families working outside on something they care about, taking care of themselves, learning, growing, and preserving. Tony is disabled and not able to work. His extensive gardening meets much of his family’s food needs. His three children all help out in the garden.

 And as a professionally trained chef and commercial kitchen organizer, he is a whiz with the preserving his produce in the most delicious and efficient way possible, and is kind enough to share his ideas with us and other participants. We are very grateful to get to work with such wonderful people.

Tony’s daughter.
Tony’s son.

Harvesting tomatoes for sauce.

Little greenhouse nook where the magic happens.

Two beautiful tomatoes from the garden.

Harvesting corn. 

Freezing corn.

Sauce making.

 In other news, we have gained a few more volunteers in the garden and hope they continue to come help out regularly. We’ve ordered cover crop seed and will be doing a “Putting your garden to bed” workshop mid-September.

That’s it, that’s all.