We have scheduled (and rescheduled) our last events for the growing season.  We are excited to be doing three of them with our High Rocks girls helping and learning along with our participating families. 

UPCOMING EVENTS in Pocahontas County

Tuesday, September 18 5:30-8:30 Preserving the BountyWater bath and pressure canning…dehydrating…smoking…freezing… Learn about and try some of the many ways to keep eating out of your and your neighbors’ gardens all year long. This workshop will be at High Rocks.

Sunday, September 16 2:00 pm  Medicinal Plants
Medicine County Herbals presents 10 medicinal plants of Appalachia: How to identify them.  Where to find them.  How to use them.  This workshop will be at the Pearl S. Buck Birthplace. 
 Tuesday, September 25 5:30-8:30 Healthy Baking and Cooking Bake, roast, and steam your way into good health and great eating using seasonal produce. Advance recipe suggestions welcome! This workshop will also be at High Rocks.
Saturday, September 29th (afternoon) Harvest CelebrationThis is an event you won’t want to miss! We will be at the Opera House in Marlinton with all kinds of goodies for you–knowledge, seeds, garlic, music, potluck, and even a local produce pagent! This event is happening along with the fabulous Roadkill Cookoff and Harvest Festival and High Rocks’ annual NettleFest. If you know of any families in the Hillsboro or Marlinton areas who would like to be a part of Grow Appalachia next season, this would be a great thing to invite them to so they can learn more about us! More details to follow about the timing of all of the events.

Even with the challenges from the weather and animals, there has been great success in almost all of our participating gardens. One of our participants over by Snowshoe Mountain grew some very impressive celery from seed. The height and thickness of her celery plants is incredible. We have not had much luck with celery, we were glad to see that someone had.