From the Hoskins Garden with the LCAAHC. This year our corn did not produce very well, the ears were small and many were not filled out all the way. We bought the Peaches and Cream variety. We planted 4 rows in the Spring and only got 16 quart bags out of it. But we are thankful for what we got, according to the news, many corn fields have withered and died due to the drought and heat. I learned how to put corn in the freezer from my veteran gardener, Mother in Law. Her Mother taught her this way many years ago. It is a method that retains more of the vitamins and flavor because you are not pouring out the water from the boiled ears of corn. First you start with clean corn with all silks removed. Then in a big bowl, cut off all the corn and scrape the cob.

Next in a large skillet put the corn and add only a SMALL amount of water to keep it from sticking to the pan. Cook on medium-high heat for 3 minutes, stirring and turning corn constantly to keep it from sticking. Almost all of the water should have evaporated out by the end of 3 minutes.

Then pour into a large bowl and place in ice water bath and cool completely. Stirring it occasionally to release the heat and steam.

Then spoon into freezer bags. I like to lay mine flat on the counter and I fill them to get more room in the freezer.

There are many ways to put corn away but I thought I would share my way with you as well. Were hopeful that our late crop of 4 rows will produce more or else it’s slim pickin this winter.