Hello! It’s Annie from the Big Ugly Community.

Our Summer Camp children have been very busy this week. Their gardens are doing very well and some of the children are very amazed at the results they are seeing. Bob Baber attended our Summer Camp and taught an art class. The children learned how to make murals and they turned out great! They are being displayed at the Community Center.

The week of July 16th was Music Camp for our children. They learned how to play different musical instruments and write songs. On Friday the children showed off their talent by performing for their parents and the community. They did an extraordinary job and we are so very proud of them.

David Roberts from the WV University Extension for Families & Health came to the Community Center and held a workshop for Grow Appalachia on canning. We learned how to can green beans. He also shared a delicious recipe for peach and apple salsa. We learned a lot, and we thank you Mr. Roberts.

We finally received some much needed rain and it is really showing in our gardens. I now have tomato plants that are five feet tall! The cherry tomatoes fall off the vine when I walk by. Wow! They are delicious! I have visited several gardens in our community. I am impressed with what I have seen; beans, peppers, potatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, and more! Everyone is so excited and love that they have others to share their experiences and results with.