Hello everyone, as you know it has finally rained, or should i say stormed. We all have been praying for it, and this past week it has payed off. While the rain has been falling and giving the gardens a much needed drink. We have been spending our time with our live stock. Chickens, Rabbits, And Pigs.

Fresh Eggs!

The Chickens- They are Giving us penty of fresh eggs. We ran into a’lil bad luck thow, had an outside critter get hungery. We lost some, but it wont get us down. We move all the hens out of the coupe and set some live traps, so we could catch the critter. Making some inpovements on our fencing, so hopefully this wont happen again!

 Laying Hens!

Rabbits- Our rabbits are fuzzy and beautiful! We have 3 White, and 3 Gray bunnies. They are 11 1/2 weeks old. One full grown momma rabbit. She is gray, and just had 2 babies. They were born on the 4th of July. And are completely black, no white, or gray spotts anywhere. The rabbits are fairly easy to care for. Just make sure they have feed and water and they are good to go.
11 1/2 week old rabbits
                                            3 week old bunny!
PIGS- Last, but not least at all. We added the pigs to our program. This is my favorite of all the animals in our program. We started with 2 female pigs, expecting babies. On Friday 07-20-12, one of the momma pigs went into labor. About noon they started coming. It took about 2 1/2 hours, and alot of hard work from the momma pig, but in the end we had 14 baby piglets… I am so excited!!!
Minutes after delivery!

Just after all the 14 babies were born!!

One day old!
one day old                      
This is the runt!
Our plan is to raise the pigs and share the meat with families, and to place them in homes of families who can help raise them. To create an income, and to also give back to the program to feed, or to start other families.
                                                                               Salena Henson