Some south of the border flavor was brought to Cowan the other night with our latest program, Salsa Night! Participants came with an apron, heels, and bushels of excitement for salsa making, followed by some salsa dancing.  Our resident canning expert, Liz, led us through the steps to make salsa, and with all the extra hands chopping, slicing and dicing, we made thirty pints of salsa as a group.  Everybody got to take home some salsa, and neighbors, friends, family, and gardeners who couldn’t make it to the program all got some themselves.  Everybody also went home with some of the salsa spice mix that Liz swears by, Mrs. Wages.  Most people’s tomatoes haven’t come in yet, so this was perfectly timed so when the tomatoes do come in in droves, everybody knows how to make delicious salsa and can it effectively.
Chopping the peppers! 
The kitchen crew.
Filling the cans.

Post salsa making, people were in the mood for some dancing, cranking up the salsa music that had been filling the community center all night.  Our intern taught everybody the basic front, back, and side steps, and before long people were tangoing across the floor.  We had a blast with everybody and are looking forward to “Jamming with the Oldies” this week!

Dancing away!

Angie Mullins proudly carries our her freshly canned salsa.